An exciting weekend of racing for our Flying Ants at the Sail Freo Regatta. The conditions and weather were playing there part giving sailors the opportunity to sail in both light and heavier winds out on the ocean.

We did have one new sailor on the water pairing with Liam Vause on Temporary Insanity (541), Niahm Carter. Together they showed improvement over the two days, learning and growing as a new pair in a two handed boat.

The conditions were great for a day of racing on Saturday, with the NE holding until around 1 before starting to swing to the sea breeze. The sailors were racing in 12- 14knots and the after noon saw it dropping down to 10 before finishing at 6 knots.

Sunday we had a delay in the start as the wind was only 3 4 knots. The sea breeze finally came through allowing racing to get underway at 6 knots, building to 11 knots.

All sailors raced well with positions 2 and 3 changing hands a few times. Drina Bucktin and Eliza Ray have shown huge promise as our all girl pair, managing to take second place in convincing fashion. A very strong performance and well done to the two of them.

However congratulations needs to go out to Jack and Harry Joyner who took home gold winning all 8 races.

Results are as follows:

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